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All titles are available in paperback and Kindle format at: Amazon.com

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I am an enthusiastic participant in NaNoWriMo. and CritiqueCircle.com

After the death of my father, I created a journaling aid for those going through the grieving process, called:
Remembering Our Fathers and Remembering Our Loved Ones

Many of my novels were drafted during NaNoWriMo and all were revised and improved with the help of several first readers and wonderful critiques from: Critique Circle. I have learned a lot both from comments on my writing and from critiquing other work, sharing in the process of ideas becoming novels.
Works in Progress:
  • Hierarchy - In this dystopian world, all consumer products have a use-by date and corporations promote rivalry in everything. Celebrities serve as leaders, judges and arbitrators of taste. The Guardian police force defends the status quo while ignoring lethal corporate competition.
  • French Impression - Cultural clash is just the beginning of the conflict between these two women.
  • Sticky Note Empire -- success at work is not assured, especially when sticky notes appear on their to-do board without anyone admitting to writing them.
  • Overbooked -- a woman being dissed by her family takes the offer to be bumped from her plane home from Europe.
  • The Nothings -- what if your childhood nightmare creaturs were real--and were attacking your newborn neice?
  • Yes, Or? -- more wacky hijinks in Edinburgh
Journey (Writing Group in Illinois) Information:

  1. How Katherine Edits

  2. How to Use Critique Circle

  3. Setting up a Novel on Critique Circle

  4. Characters Are Story -- Prep Session Material

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